Sudheer Uralath – How I Made That Shot

Sudheer Uralath is an inspiration for street photographers. His camera silently invades the street to reveal the otherwise unnoticed candid moments that gets over in a split second. We reached out to this talented photog to talk about the above displayed work.


I took this photo one morning at a local market near Hua Lomphong train station in Bangkok. It was early morning and the monks were roaming the streets.
I happened across a particularly peaceful monk, where a cat was taking refuge. One thing I appreciate about Thai people is their generosity towards animals. Street dogs and cats are treated with compassion here, which causes the animals to treat us with compassion.
When I took out my camera, this curious cat wanted a closer look. I saw the beautiful orange robes of the monk, the soft orange of the cat’s coat, in the soft morning sun and knew immediately this was a photogenic moment. Right before snapping the photo, the monk turned away, showing his disinterest in wanting to be photographed. Normally this would be slightly frustrating as it was such a gorgeous shot, but his hidden face actually makes for a more interesting shot as the scene becomes less staged, more authentic.