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Design – Brochure for CPDM

Have you ever designed anything for designers? Recently I got a chance to design a placement brochure for our batch of Product Design Students of CPDM, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


Click here to download the CPDM Placement Brochure 2010 (PDF, 426KB) »
The task was challenging, as design is highly subjective. Everybody had ideas on how the brochure should look like and selling my idea to them was difficult.  It was a great learning experience because some observations made by my design friends helped me to see areas that I overlooked.
Here are the design decisions I made while designing this brochure.
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Design – Poster for IISc Soccer League

“A good, vibrant coloured football action photograph (like a bicycle kick or a slide-in tackle or netting-in the ball or a fight for the ball in the air) to your liking.”
This was one of the requirements I received from my friend describing the image to be put on a poster announcing the registration for a Soccer League.
As always, I designed three posters.
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10 Free Designs – Wedding Invitation Templates

A few days before their marriage, people usually send an e-mail reminder to their friends. Usually it is a colorful image file with the most important information: Name of the bride and groom; date, time and place of the marriage and contact information. Once I have written about a wedding invitation design I did for my friend.
If you are looking for unique, free wedding invitation templates, we are presenting 10 beautiful blank templates.
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