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Bokehlicious Smile – How I made that shot

Remember the article – The sweet angle? This shot was taken keeping those learnings in mind.


The building opposite was in celebration – a lot of colored light bulbs decorated the entire building. Once the sun went down, the lights created a melange of colors.


1. A patient wife
2. Camera
3. External Flash unit
4. Small wall mounted mirror
5. A building decorated with color bulbs for creating the bokeh
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The Sweet Angle – Portrait Photography

Anybody can take a great looking photo of a great looking face. But only an experienced photographer can identify the best features of a face and use it to make the subject look better.
While I was experimenting with my face, taking mug shots of mine, I noticed that I have a face-angle in which I looked at my most flattering (which isn’t much, but still 🙂 ). But I quickly realized that this should be applicable to any face.

There is a “sweet” angle for all us. Photogenic wise, I mean !

 – aneeskA

To illustrate my point, look at the photos of Nikhita from various angles captured by the photographers Deepthi Indukuri and Amardeep Singh.

Pose 1

The Sweet Angle - Nikhitha Pose 1

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Neeta Shankar – Keep Smiling for better photos

Neeta Shankar Photography
She has been rightly credited with bringing cheer to many a soul with her shooting skills. And she sheepishly acknowledges her photography beginnings to “poor memory” which made her carry a camera where ever she goes! She is the beautiful Neeta Shankar, a young photographer whose passion is framing and freezing moments.

Neeta Shankar Interview Neeta Shankar
Site | Facebook | Twitter

Technique: Portraiture
Official Photographer for “Tour of Nilgiris 2010”.
Her short film U-turn was ranked as one of the top 6 films at International Short Film Festival, Bhubaneshwar.
Official photographer for Celebration Run – Mysore Marathon.

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Taking Portraits in Landscape Mode – A Handy Guide

A portrait is taken generally in portrait orientation. (That’s why the name portrait, I guess!). But there are no set rules that discourage a landscape orientation for portraits.  Lately I have been noticing that portraits in this mode have some features in common – especially in the way the eyes are positioned. This post discusses 3 such prevalent techniques in landscape mode of “Portraitism”.

Align Center – Eyes straight

An insane close-up of the face with the eyes staring straight at the viewer can be both captivating and menacing.
Red's violence
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