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Making search easier to access on mobile screens

Where do I search? Help me…

Search on mobile screens

I was flipping through some hand-drawn low fidelity screens of a bill payment mobile app (Yes, some of us still prefer the old-fashioned way of drawing on paper first, than a pixel perfect, auto aligned digital version on Adobe XD). Then I saw it on the bottom tab bar.

“No, no, no. I believe we cannot do this.”

“What, the ‘Search’ function? Why?”

“Well. ‘Search’ is an action — much like ‘compose an email’ or ‘delete.’ An action shouldn’t be placed on a tab bar because tab bars are for navigation. Do you know what Apple Human Interface Guidelines (iOS) talk about tab bar?”

“Enlighten me!”

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Cartoon time!


I have created a few cartoons in the past months. Sometimes, the idea just comes to you. The only thing you need to do is execute it well. But most of the time, I waited patiently and searched the whole web for an idea spark. Today, let us see the style evolution of my creations.

WARNING: Technology jokes – Not all can appreciate them!
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