Part 4: Validation Tools for becoming a web developer

Validating tools offer an easy way to honour the structured way of writing code. This post details ways to do validation on your code. (This tutorial is a part of the series – “How to become a web programmer in 4 easy steps”. Read previous post here.)
HTML, XML, CSS, RSS and JavaScript can be validated using the following tools – online as well as offline.

Aspect Offline Validation Online Validation
HTML HTML Validator Firefox plugin
XML Libxml2
RSS Feed Feed Validator
JavaScript JSLint using Rhino
JSLint using WSH
JavaScript Lint
Broken Link Detector LinkChecker
Xenu Link Sleuth

[Note: The last item is out-of-syllabus – strictly to be taken as a bonus : – ) ]

What’s next?

Good coding alone is not enough. To bring out the best performance, a site and its components needs to be optimised. Part 5 of this tutorial sums up the series with various ways to optimise your site for best performance.

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