Part 2: Editing tools and Lookup materials for becoming a web programmer

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Among the many things that play a crucial role in maintaining the flow of development, the choice of an editor and reference document are undoubtedly the most important. Today we will discuss them.
(This tutorial is a part of the series – “How to become a web programmer in 4 easy steps” . Read previous post here.)

Choice of an Editor

My stints with text editors always ended in disaster until I used Notepad++; and I fell in love with it.
Notepad++ is the best text editing software in its category. It boasts of a lot of features including support for a whopping 48 scripting languages and portability.

Reference Material

A reference always comes handy – especially if it is available offline. Free offline materials are hard to find. Given below is a collection of offline and online reference material for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

ReferenceOffline SourceOnline Source
PHPPHP Reference (CHM)

What’s next?

In Part 3 we will learn how to do debugging when it is required.