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Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Are you a student joining IISc Bangalore in August, 2009?
A few tips that may help you in the first couple of days are compiled here, just click to download (PDF, 82KB). These are based on the last year’s (2008) procedures. Deviations may happen. I strongly recommend this blog — IISc Life — to know more about the campus and happenings there.
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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Transparent Background in SolidWorks Rendering

I do most of my product designs in SolidWorks tool. When I am happy with a rendered image of the model, I use Photoshop to enhance this JPG image by adding backgrounds. The only hitch in this process is cutting-out the model from its default background using a combination of Magnetic Lasso and Magic Wand tools in Photoshop. If the model is a complicated one, this process takes a lot of time and needs considerable patience.
Yes, there is always a solution to a problem. This is how I solved it.
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CUBIC — Mosquito liquidator machine

Update on 23-Jul-2009
This design was submitted to the ‘Platform’ initiative of Widen + Kennedy, London. They commented that “we judges couldn’t believe that no one had thought of this before.” ‘Platform’ received 180 designs and selected 40 from them. I didn’t win in this prestigious event.

Can we improve the existing mosquito liquidator machines?
‘CUBIC’ is my answer to the above question.
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