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Mute or unmute?

The biggest dilemma of the ‘work from home’ era

Muting and unmuting the mic is the most frequent feature that people uses during a video conference call.

“Do you want to view Peppa Pig? Or is it Doraemon that you want?”

“Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig…”

“Here. Let me help you with the TV remote control.”

This conversation with my younger kid was telecasted to a dozen people in three continents because I forgot to mute! A Microsoft Teams conference call was going on while I was working from home. But I’m lucky compared with some souls who became the subject of viral ‘Zoom Fails’ during this Covid 19 lockdown.

Why are we finding it difficult to determine whether the video feed is ON or OFF? Mic mute or unmute? How hard can it be?

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