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A Beginners Guide to Buying a DSLR (from a Beginner)

newbie dslr confusion

I wanted to make a transition from P&S to DSLR. So I asked Google, my all-knowing ever-faithful friend, “What should I do?”. The keeper-of-all-knowledge promptly dumped thousands of camera reviews in front of me to choose from. “Oh my!” – I pinched myself.
When I started searching for a DSLR buy, I didn’t know anything except comparing spec sheets of different camera models; and of course how a DSLR looked! Quickly something became clear to me. Either I have to read reviews written on countless camera models by scores of people or I can ask a learned friend.
I chose the latter. For me, it was Urvesh. If you don’t have anyone, don’t worry, you can start your research from this post 🙂

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