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Cartoon time!


I have created a few cartoons in the past months. Sometimes, the idea just comes to you. The only thing you need to do is execute it well. But most of the time, I waited patiently and searched the whole web for an idea spark. Today, let us see the style evolution of my creations.

WARNING: Technology jokes – Not all can appreciate them!
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Musings – How everything changes with a DSLR

evolution man computer
You must have seen the above cartoon regarding the evolution of ape. I have a similar theory of evolution but regarding DSLR usage.

Stone Age

Everything is so “auto”!

Iron Age

Why the heck is that I am not able to capture anything properly

Medieval Age

Oh! There is something called an aperture? Funny!

Revolutions Age

DSLR is fun! I am loving it!

Modern Age

How I ever lived without one!

Feel the connection? Told you so!