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Design — Poster: Election 2009

Pawns in the game
Results of general elections in India are announced a few days back. This time, many of the candidates used the latest technologies like blogs, twitter, Orkut groups, Flash banner ads in websites, SMS campaigning… Also we saw a lot of public service ads urging citizens to use their fundamental right to vote.
In my college, this year’s Students’ Council Elections were held on 16-May-2009. I got the opportunity to design a series of posters to inform students about the election. Time frame for executing the work was very short.
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Technology: How do tinyurls work?

Ssh! I know the secret. Now you are about to know the secret. Read on; if you can you keep a secret.


Once I got the opportunity to look behind the closed doors of It was highly dangerous. A split second’s mistake, I am done for. Anyway, I took the chance. And do you know what I saw? A goat!
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