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Alessandra Barsotti – Eyeing in to the macro world

Alessandra Barsotti Interview
 Alessandra Barsotti took to macro photography simply because she was awed by the macro world. Here we are in talks with the photographer who simply can’t get enough of the bounty of nature.

Alessandra Barsotti Photographer Interview Alessandra Barsotti
Facebook | 500px
Technique: Macro

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Rathika Ramaswamy – Immortal frames

Rathika Ramaswamy Interview
Rathika Ramaswamy is a seasoned wild life photographer who has garnered the love and affection of the entire nation. She is the first woman wildlife photographer our country has produced.
Here we are in conversation with the photog herself who shares her knowledge and wisdom from her nine years of photographing career.

Rathika Ramaswamy Rathika Ramaswamy
Facebook | Site
Technique: Wild life (Birds)

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