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Tutorial – Photographing Full Moon – A newbie Guide

Urvesh Lunar Eclipse
I have always been amazed by the fantastic pictures of moon taken by my friends, like the one shown above. Whenever I see a full moon while walking back to my room after office hours, I used to curse myself for not taking my camera along. After a couple of misses, I was waiting for my next chance. Next time, oh, the next time I made sure I clicked one (As a matter of fact, many). This post is about this attempt and the lessons learned thereby.


A moon!
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I love CATIA Cars!

Lamborghini on road
I love cars. I like to draw and ‘invent’ new models of cars.
Recently, I started the surface modeling of a car using CATIA — a 3D Engineering software. Today I am attempting to give a ‘crash course’ on making your own cars in CATIA. If some of you started asking questions on this subject, I will be very happy as my mission is accomplished.
You can click on the images for a larger view.

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Design – Year Planner 2011: Yellow

mouse eating cheese

Year Planner is a Single Sheet Calendar

“This time, we will design and print an year planner for our organization. Well, are you volunteering?”
This is my Creative Director talking to me in the last week of December, 2010. I thought: “Why not? After all, an year planner is nothing but a single sheet calendar with some boxes to write notes.”
Armed with a Google image search, I started the design.
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A Dozen Apps for Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu Logo

I am a big fan of wubi. No other distro but Ubuntu supports installing a linux OS inside windows. So I find myself shift+delete-ing Ubuntu installation once a new one arrives. Over the years, I’ve narrowed down a dozen apps I find installing immediately after the OS itself. This post introduces my favorite (and useful) dozen.

Hamster Time Tracker

hamster time tracker

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Spicing up your Design Portfolio — Tips from a designer

Hi there, how have you guys been?
The other day, while screening portfolios of prospective designers for my employers, I spotted a lot of problems and irrelevant data. Then I realized that I too have committed mistakes in presenting my work as a portfolio. Then I determined to jot down some general guidelines on the preparation of an effective product design portfolio. I am sure that these points will help you to ‘wow’ your prospective employers.
So here goes everything….

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Design – 'Ban me!' Business Card

Dear Reader,
We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2011!

Can you decipher the following equation?

If yes, you are as smart as the symbolist Prof. Robert Langdon. You can stop reading this and continue with your intellectual life. Others, read on…
In the past 10 years, I had to attend a lot of job interviews. Some of them were enlightening; some others were embarassing to me as I repeat the “I don’t know” line for the nth time. Once in a while, I have faced challenging questions that need me to show creativity. Today I am going to discuss one such question.
“Design a business card for you without using any alphabets.”
Although I was expected to do only one design, I came up with four. Let us start with the obvious solutions.

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