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Seed ideas for CEED — Tips from a designer

ceed mdes

Can you please tell me what should one have do to be a good product designer. I mean, what are the prerequisites for entering M.Des. course like what software I should know, what books I should read ? I would be thankful for any help you give.

I’m a software professional who is keenly interested in product design and hoping to pursue it by taking up the CEED & DAT exams in Jan’11. Since you guys are also involved in the same area, I was therefore wondering whether any of you could answer a few of my questions about the test and maybe provide some tips, if any..

These are samples of CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) or M.Des. (Master in Design) related questions that we often receive. Well, here goes my answer…
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A Beginners Guide to Buying a DSLR (from a Beginner)

newbie dslr confusion

I wanted to make a transition from P&S to DSLR. So I asked Google, my all-knowing ever-faithful friend, “What should I do?”. The keeper-of-all-knowledge promptly dumped thousands of camera reviews in front of me to choose from. “Oh my!” – I pinched myself.
When I started searching for a DSLR buy, I didn’t know anything except comparing spec sheets of different camera models; and of course how a DSLR looked! Quickly something became clear to me. Either I have to read reviews written on countless camera models by scores of people or I can ask a learned friend.
I chose the latter. For me, it was Urvesh. If you don’t have anyone, don’t worry, you can start your research from this post 🙂

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A Handful of Must Use GMail Features


GMail is my favorite mail client (online and offline) because of its clean, sleek, fast interface. Over the time, I have started to enjoy some of its little-appreciated features. This post tries to give proper credit to the oft-overlooked goodies that are buried among the many touted.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts
This feature allows to easily navigate through the web interface. By default, Keyboard Shortcuts are disabled in a GMail account. You can enable it from Settings -> General -> Keyboard Shortcuts on . Once the setting is saved, you can press “?” to see all the listed key accelerators.
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