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A dozen Useful WordPress Plugins

… which we use in and in our other sister blogs. But we expect the better judgment of our readers while choosing what is right for your blog. Because what is right for us may be actually left for you!

1. Search Everything

search everything wordpress plugin

The biggest flip side of wordpress, according to me, is its search or rather its lack. I can’t understand why they have made it absolutely difficult to locate stuff inside a blog! Search Everything plugin extends searching to inside of tags, categories and even comments should you opt so.

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My tweets in May, 2010

@antzFx in Twitter

How hard can it be to make a car advertisement of 30 seconds?

James May and Jeremy Clarkson are presenters of the popular BBC show ‘Top Gear.’ In season 13, episode 7, they try to make a TV Commercial (TVC) for the new car VW Scirocco TDi. They go through everything: understanding the brief, brainstorming, initial attempts, review of the films, rejection, another brainstorming, review of films, again rejection… It is fun to watch the creative process behind a TVC. Hilarious!