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My tweets in March, 2010

antzfx twitter march 2010

Whenever I find a relevant and interesting design related links, I tweet them so that I can refer to them later. Recently when I had to look for a particular tweet that I’m sure I did, I spent some time in doing a search in Twitter. I didn’t get any satisfactory results, so I went to my Twitter page and pressed the ‘more’ button many times and finally I fished out the link.
To make matters easy, I am going to archive my tweets at the end of every month in this blog. I will be grouping them under headings for easy retrieval.

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Design — Poster for Science & Technology Run 2010

The shoelace was great. So. this year the expectations are higher. Can I pull it off?

On 11-Apr-2010, IISc Alumni Cell is organising ‘Science & Technology Run’ or better known as ‘SnT Run.’ I got a chance to do the branding work. I have handled the branding of SnT Run of 2008. People liked the banners and posters very much: especially the ‘shoelace’ one. Read the full story here.

So here I am, trying to outrun myself.
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Here is the secret to creativity…

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”
— Albert Einstein

I realized recently that I am a regular visitor of some websites that offer great design insights in branding, identity design, product design, graphic design… These seventeen websites serve as my source of inspiration. I am sharing the following links with you and I hope that you will benefit from them.

(a). “Anything under the sun…”

The following four websites share unique miscellaneous designs: Product Design, Graphic Design, Package Design…
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